Fully Aware of Our Responsibility

Türer Tarım produces cumin, oregano, bay and sun dried tomatoes products which adopted as a principle to be a leader by international sales. 

Türer Tarım always aims continous improvement of their production quality, production efficiency and product range. All products marked by TURER TARIM guarantees quality and food safety.

Turer Tarim is fully aware of its responsibility for supplying products to customers from production line until the consumer’s food chain’s last point.

We Accept All Legal Regulations

Turer Tarim provides BRC and IFS Food Safety Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and accepts of the legal regulations with all responsibilities, without growth and profitability aims of our premises, makes no concessions on quality and food safety.

Türer Tarım aims to reach perfection using this elements and values by accepted feedbacks from our costumers and related parties. We recognise our duties and accept our responsibilities for ensuring the continued safety&quality of our food products.

Türer Tarım’s team believes that shaping our future to be excellent by assuming food safety and quality managements, making a point of to reach this success.

We Have Integrated Management Systems

Turer Tarım awakes about customer focus, team work, showing an approch to follow production process belong to systems, supplier relationships which protected by mutual interests, active inside and outside communication, sustained trainings, following developed technology and customising, culture of finding afficient solutions and realistic approach for ever each decides, this issues will bring entegrated management systems within correct formula.