We Are Türer Tarım...

Turer Tarim, founded in 1987 in Izmir/Turkey, has been manufacturing spices and essential oils in high volumes and meeting world’s flavour needs with its success-oriented exporting principles. During all those years with experience, Turer Tarim is providing high quality and various specification choices to its valuable leading importers in North-South America and Europe. Always following their food standards and certification requirements, Turer Tarim is also focused on technology investments, effective human resource planning and continuous improvements.

Turer Tarim, since May 2016, has been continuing at its new facility in an area of 40.000 m2 built under BRC and IFS certifications regulations. With top level machinery line for food standards, 304 stainless steel mounted walls of manufacturing areas, Turer Tarim is aiming to combine safety and perfection.

Following up all new futuristic food producing trends, Turer Tarim makes its most investments in highly effective machinery systems. Thus, it enables us to reduce manufacturing time and with the right employment we can reduce unit costs while improving product quality to supply the best for our valuable customers’ specification requests.

Knowing the importance of accuracy and precision Turer Tarim has 4 new laboratories. One of them is used in production warehouse for frequently needed controls such as moisture and size classifications. So, it is assured that production is made according to demanded quality for that exact specification. The other laboratories are equipped for physical, chemical analyses as well as microbiological and allergen inspections. For our Jarred products, we have incubation period holding and quality checking areas to ensure product and shipment safety.

Sustainability and traceability are highly important for our manufacturing flow. So, we pay close attention to our product supplying stages from seeding to harvesting including all steps such as fertilizing and correct irrigation. Thanks to our electronic system, we can reach all related information and stages in details for exact tracing and continuous success. Our flow chart enables us to meet the requirements of World known Certification Regulations.

Turer Tarim is Organic, BRC, IFS, BSCI (Social Compliance), FSMA, FAMI-QS, FDA, Kosher, Halal Certified.