Qualified Production

Turer Tarım has a fully automatic continue system production line which is divided as High Care and Low Care making the production with a very few labour. Furthermore each 30 minutes we are taking Samples during the production and testing them in our laboratory which is located at the center of the production plant to be sure that all the specifications and quality parameters are going on right.

Sun dried tomatoes are passing through washing and air vacuumed cleaning process than passing into the oven which is built just to dry the moistured sun dried tomatoes with the PRC system so we are very sure for the moisture rates during the production and it gives us an ability to produce all kind of moisture rates by protecting against the microbiological contamination.

For Spices, Turer Tarim has the Export capacity around 3.000 Tons to America and Europe which are our main markets. We have the ability of producing all kind of physical, chemical and microbiological specifications. Turer Tarim is able to supply pesticide guaranteed spices for European market. All the regulations and quality definitions well known by our company with the 40 years of experience.